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Mikuni Carburettor Conversions. Triumph Unit Twins & Norton Commando. The options allow for single or double carburettors, to suit the Triumph Bonneville & Tiger as well as the Norton Commando. These Mikuni carburettors are more sophisticated than the factory-fitted Amal units. They offer smoother running, particularly at idling speeds, improved flow, better fuel consumption, & long life.In addition to the carburettor(s) each kit comes complete with mounting adaptor(s), manifold(s), fixing screws & gaskets. Triumph kits also include a pancake type air filter assembly for each carburettor. Carburettors are supplied jetted to suit the standard setup for each model. A number of spare main & pilot jets are included, to allow for minor adjustments.

Mikuni Carburettor Conversions - Triumph

Triumph T120 to '68, twin carburettor, 30mm. No:CK278

Triumph T120, '69 on, twin carburettor, 30mm. No:CK275

Triumph T140 to '78, twin carburettor, 30mm. No:CK290

Triumph T140 to '78, twin carburettor, 32mm. No:CK291

Triumph TR6/TR7, single carburettor, 30mm. No:CK293

Triumph TR6/TR7, single carburettor, 32mm. No:CK294

Norton Commando, twin carburettor, 32mm. No:CK250
(filter not included)

Mikuni Carburettor Conversions - Norton Commando

Norton Commando, single carburettor, 34mm. No:CK252
(filter not included, use No:RC1950)

Norton Commando, single carburettor, 36mm. No:CK253
(filter not included, use No:RC0850)

Norton Commando, single carburettor, 38mm. No:CK254
(filter not included, use No: RC0850)

Triumph & BSA Triples. Mikuni carburettors are also available for the Triumph & BSA triples. They use a set of the smaller-bodied 26mm or 28mm versions of the VM carburettors illustrated above & are jetted to suit. However, fitment is not as straightforward as for the twins; they need suitable mounting & filtration. The long-term benefits of smoother operation, improved economy & easier starting make this a worthwhile conversion. Contact us to discuss this conversion.

Triumph T150, T160 & BSA Rocket III, 26mm Carburettor (1). No:MK26

Triumph T150, T160 & BSA Rocket III, 28mm Carburettor (1). No:MK28

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Many more products like these are featured in our Special Products catalogue