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AP Lockheed & Grimeca Alloy Calipers

Grimeca Alloy Calipers. These alternatives to the originals can be fitted without any modification. They weigh approximately half as much as their cast iron counterparts & can be used on either side. They can also be used as part of a twin disc conversion. Please note that the original chrome caliper cover requires modification before being able to fit either of these calipers - but when they look this good, who wants to cover them up?

Grimeca Alloy Caliper. No:GM1

Mounting Plate For Calipers. This caliper mounting plate is for disc model Norton Commandos. It is designed to accommodate the Grimeca (No:GM1) alloy caliper. It is a replacement for the standard Norton unit for use with standard 10" discs only. It mounts directly onto the original slider without modification & is produced in cast alloy with machined mounting faces.

Mounting Plate For Calipers

Norton Commando Alloy Caliper Mounting Plate for Grimeca Calipers. No:MP1

Norton Commando Floating Disc

Norton Commando Floating Disc. This 12" floating disc conversion significantly improves braking in the Commando disc models. It uses the standard slider with the caliper mounting plate No:MP2 & any one of our alloy calipers. The disc is produced from close-grained cast iron attached by stainless steel rivets with a floating mount to an alloy centre piece. The small degree of disc float ensures smooth brake operation. The whole assembly weighs in at just under 2kg compared to 2.3kg for the standard 10" disc.

Norton Commando MkII/MkIII 12" Floating Disc Brake Assembly. No:NFD12

Caliper Mounting Plate for 12" Disc. No:MP2

Alloy Lever Pair. Lightweight alloy levers have long been a popular accessory fitment; this pair from Amal being classically styled. A one piece body with recessed clamping screws gives these levers a very neat appearance. They come complete with threaded alloy cable adjusters & are suitable for 7/8" diameter handlebars.

Alloy Front Brake & Clutch Lever Pair

Alloy Front Brake & Clutch Lever Pair, suits 7/8" bar, Amal. No:LA5

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Many more products like these are featured in our Special Products catalogue