British Spares British Spares
Tasman Nelson Environment Award Winner 2011

Category: Best Use of Renewable Energy:
Recognised as best practise in renewable energy projects in Tasman and Nelson.


The British Spares Warehouse in Mahana, Nelson has been outfitted with
SOLAR powered hot water and wall heating by Solar Rosa Home, technology
and efficiency leaders in this fast developing field.

State-of-the-art, Solar Rosa Home supplied, solar collection panels on the
warehouse roof provide the grunt to...

...power up the monster 1000 litre hot water cylinder supplying all our
domestic hot water requirements as well as circulating hot water through....

...the industry leading in-wall heating system. Each separate heating circuit is
one continuous tube for a guaranteed leak-free life.

The finished solid plaster walls act as huge radiators keeping us super cosy
through the winter months.

We all thank gabi from Solar Rosa Home for our Rosa Future