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Australian GST

By law, as of July 1st, 2018, we are required by the Australian Tax Office to collect 10% GST on all consumer sales under AUD$1000, end of story.
Well, you voted for them.

The Good News
Now that it's a level playing field, your local businesses can't hide behind that old chestnut anymore, I'm not sure to begin with how having to charge GST was a legitimate excuse for poor service, lack of product knowledge, poor stock selection, and overly inflated prices, anyway. At British Spares Ltd, we will continue to provide the kind of service you have been used to, and now you don't have to feel bad about cheating the Australian Tax Office out of their rightful tax take. So you'll now be contributing properly to all of the good things they choose to spend your money on. (Let's see, is that a ridiculously high pension plan and free world travel for life scheme for ex members of parliament, like over here?...)
There may be a few offshore businesses operating under the ATO turnover threshold, and therefore not charging the GST, but is it really worth the risk of dealing at that level?... in the end it's your call.

How does it all work?

By choosing AUD in the currency box on the search bar, all of the tricky maths is taken care of automatically and you will see the actual price you pay after all taxes and discounts are applied to the costs. This doesn't include freight or insurance as it is much more cost effective for you if we pack your order and get the freight cost correct instead of guessing on the high side as most others are doing.

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